Epic Reads Books – “Cat in the Hat Comes Back” by Dr. Seuss

Another week, another book has been read. This week I read the children's book "Cat in the Hat Comes Back" by Dr. Seuss. I read this book to follow the theme of reading Dr. Seuss books, as well as having just read the "Cat in the Hat" last week, I figured it was best to... Continue Reading →


Epic Reads Books – “Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss

Each week, I like to sit down and practice reading a book out loud in order to get my voice right, and help me work on script reading and articulation. As a freelance voice actor/audio editor, sometimes you have to do something fun. So I hope you enjoy!   If you have any requests for... Continue Reading →

Epic Reads Books

Story Time With Epic: Back in November I decided to up and quit my job after 11 years working in retail, and decided to take the show on the road! But I didn't actually go anywhere, and I basically stopped having verbal social interactions with people outside of video game chat and I stopped using... Continue Reading →

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