About the Blog

What is this Blog about?

This blog is about all different aspects of gaming mainly focusing on World of Warcraft, but sometimes it may be completely off the rail, and it could be about anything under the sun. I am a very random person, and I can’t really limit myself to just writing about gaming, or just about World of Warcraft. I will be talking about things that I hold close to my heart, and I hope that you will be apart of this journey!

Why should I read your Blog?

Reading my blog is completely up to you, but I can say that hopefully you will never leave disappointed. I’m using this blog as a way for me to just talk about gaming in my secret life as a gamer. If you’re a Geek and/or Gamer, you will probably enjoy the things that I talk about. If not, let me know about it. I’m always open for discussion and constructive criticism, but if you’re here to troll… you should probably just move on.

How often will the blog be updated?

Since I always have something to say, it will be updated quite often. Not going to say once a day, just in case that’s not possible. I am not going to just post to post. Thats what Facebook and Twitter are for. Here I will try to have more in-depth conversations with my readers. If I feel like it’s a topic large enough to talk about, I will. If not, I may wait until I have something more to say about it.

For 2014, I will be publishing a new blog Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.

What is the goal of this blog?

The goal of this blog is simple. I want to have a place where I can just talk about things that I am passionate about. Mainly focusing on gaming, but also throwing in a few real life things from time to time. I want this to be a place where people want to come and read every time I post a new post. If I have one reader, or a million, this blog will still be my own, and will be a place for me to just talk to the internet.


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