Epic Reads Books

Story Time With Epic:

Back in November I decided to up and quit my job after 11 years working in retail, and decided to take the show on the road! But I didn’t actually go anywhere, and I basically stopped having verbal social interactions with people outside of video game chat and I stopped using my voice. I stopped going outside due to working from home, and when I finally did leave home I’d always get sick.

Back in January I found out that I had a lung infection from getting sick and not taking care of myself (vitamins, flu shot, etc). So after doing a metric ton a research on how to get better and to improve losing my voice I basically found out that in order to be a good voice actor you actually have to use your voice. Imagine that. So I’ve started doing daily exercises for not only my body (lifting, walking on the treadmill while watching TV/Netflix), but also for my voice. I use to just warm up my talking and being dumb, or by singing “Lean on Me” in my room, or the shower, but I still haven’t learned how to sing.

But I tell you all of these because I’m always working on my voice each and every week to make it stronger and to increase my skills. Part of increasing my skills is also being able to read on the fly from a script in whatever voice I’m told to use that day. Like when was the last time you had to read something out loud? So a long time ago, I did a thing where I read a Dr. Seuss book online and made a video to go with it. Nothing impressive.

I have always tossed around the idea of doing a podcast/video cast of me reading children’s books online. It helps a ton with my voice, and also helps a ton of learning to read on the fly. Dr. Seuss isn’t something you can just master at first look. So it takes some time to master the theme and the words he enjoyed using.

So every Monday, before I start my week of editing and voice work, I will be releasing a new voice file of me recording myself reading different children’s books. I have 32 Dr. Seuss books that I’m ready to read and I use the same book as my practice book for the week before and then record it on Mondays.

You will be able to find all of these Epic Reads Books on SoundCloud for the time being, and from there the skies the limit.

This week’s book was…. “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss.

If you are interested in buying this book, you can do so here! 

If you want me to read a specific children’s book for you or your child, fill out this form here!


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