[Updated] Feb. 24th Follow Friday Fun

Thanks for those that reached out, I had an idea come to me as soon as I got my first email of the day about this project. The first person to reach out to me was @Twenty20sight on Twitter. I had the privileged of meeting Miss Twenty at BlizzCon in 2015. And since then she has held a very special place in my heart. So I hope this little voice over that I did for her she enjoys, and you enjoy it alike.

Because I couldn’t decided which voice I wanted to use today. I decided to do two different voices. Its the same script, but two different voices. One more deeper raspy, and one more hyper excited one.

Let me know what you think on Twitter @Epic_Insanity!

And make sure you follow @Twenty20sight today!

And without further delay, here are today’s tracks!


Before I did a thing for #FollowFriday on Twitter, and since I’m snowed in today and can’t leave the house, its time to bring it back! For the day… or hour, or something.

But anyway, the way that it works is, if you want me to make a creative audio clip for you about you based off the things I see in your Twitter bio, and short glance at your Twitter feed, you just have to fill out this form below. It’s that simple. I will pick ONLY TWO people from those that apply, and I will whip up a audio clip.

In the form below, please include your Twitter handles so I can find you, stalk you, create magic and then follow you.  I will be uploading them for download on Soundcloud, so you can keep it forever, or use it to erase your memory.

This fun event will end as soon as I get enough to choose from then this post will be deleted.


Here are some previous examples:


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