Are you looking for a podcast editor?

Are you just starting out as a podcaster and don't know how to edit your show? Or are you a veteran podcaster and hate editing your own show? Well, let me help you out! As a freelance audio engineer, I specialize in spoken word podcast editing! Here's a little background for the new comers of... Continue Reading →

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Podcast Equipment Used

Hello world! I often get asked questions from people who are wanting to get into podcasting, or people wanting to get into doing voice over from home, on what type of equipment I use. It's been a long journey, and over the years I have acquired expensive taste and a desire to have the best... Continue Reading →

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Epic Reads Books

Story Time With Epic: Back in November I decided to up and quit my job after 11 years working in retail, and decided to take the show on the road! But I didn't actually go anywhere, and I basically stopped having verbal social interactions with people outside of video game chat and I stopped using... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the new!

I've completed reworked the whole website. It's gone from a personal blog to a personal launch page for everything I am personally doing! Explore the page, and click on all the links on the menu above. It will take you to information pages for everything. Check out my projects, my voice work, and more! And... Continue Reading →

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